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Singers’ Tickets

Choirs and other groups can download a bulk ordering form from here to save commission/postage costs

To order individual tickets, please go to a Ticketsource link - email tickets save postage costs.

(There will be ‘live’ links above prior to each future event)

Sat/Sun events outline format at a glance

Concert Dress.

Men’s Dress: DJ/Dark Lounge suit

Ladies’ Dress: All black, or White blouse & black skirt, or elegant blue (Sops)/red (Altos)

Choral Singers can download the Singers’ Pre-rehearsal Sheet from here for vital preparation notes and other housekeeping details.

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POLL for YOUR next

A40 Choir Bring ‘n’ Sing:

Easter Sing-’in 2018

Click HERE to VOTE on YOUR future Events:

Yes, I organise and conduct A40 Choir Bring ‘n’ Sing events, but as they’re for YOU , that’s why I’d like to know what you’d like to sing and when would be the most convenient time for you to sing it - and I’ll fit in with what the majority of you would like to do.

So, please do vote - I really am all ears!