David Meacock
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Tenor Soloist

David's largest performance was outdoors, singing Verdi La Donna e mobile, Puccini Che gelida manina and Nessun Dorma! to 7,000. Invited back the following year, his 'spot' consisted of: Verdi Di Quella pira, Donizetti Una Furtiva, Pour mon ame (yes, the one with the 9 top C's of Pavarotti fame) and for the football fans, Puccini’s Nessun dorma!  'Pour mon ame is beyond many tenors, and few would dare sing these arias in these groups, one after another!

David has sung all his life. As a solo treble, he accompanied himself from a very young age, including songs such as Schubert’s The Trout. In his teens, he sang countertenor hoping to keep his voice high - an ability he proudly retains; with a range up to soprano top A allowing him to compete with choral sopranos in range and trumpet players in volume!

In 2007, A40 Choir members asked him to sing a proper solo, and so he started ad hoc lessons with the late Marie Hayward Segal (whose teachers included Tito Gobbi), in Italy to sing the tenor solos in Stainer’s The Crucifixion from the podium. David has since performed Janacek’s The Lord's Prayer (in Czech) and Liszt’s Psalm 13 in this way. There probably aren't many soloists can say that the first time they sang their own voice's solos of Handel’s The Messiah they also conducted the choruses and played most of the piano accompaniments of the other three solos, as David did in 2008! Now having occasional lessons with the well known Welsh tenor Ryland Davies (one of whose teachers also taught Pavarotti), outings have included the Verdi Requiem in Cardiff alongside Welsh National Opera members with an orchestra mostly drawn from the BBC Welsh SO.

David is available to sing with choirs in secular and sacred concerts, as well as in weddings and funerals.  Please click HERE for a list of solos he has performed in public.

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